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Welcome to Programming Handheld Systems with Android!



Welcome to Programming Handheld Systems with Android.
This course will focus on understanding what handheld devices are, and learning how to program applications them.
We'll do this using the Android platform, but many of the basic concepts carry over to other handheld device platforms as well.

Important Note

This website is currently being used to support the University of Maryland's Fall 2013 computer science course: "CMSC436: Programming Handheld Systems."
Even if you're not enrolled in the UMD class, however, you're welcome to watch the video's and complete the in-video activities.
I would greatly appreciate any feedback you can give regarding the videos and activities, especially any errors or omissions you find, and any suggestions you might have on how to make these materials better.
At this time, however, I will not put any laboratory assignments or projects on this website.
Please keep an eye out for a soon to be released announcement regarding a more complete course offering.
Once again, thanks for joining us!
Dr. Adam Porter